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The intent of propaganda is to influence people unawares. No one is immune to it; the Germans were highly literate. Working under all kinds of ambiguous titles or covers P. If a corporate or agency blunder becomes a public scandal, they may advise coming clean to scrape the tarnish off its brand — but is this contrition real or artificial?

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To be effective, P. Often unaware that we are persuasively equivocating, the impulse to do it is a major impediment to resolving wicked, divisive problems.

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During the recent election, propaganda from all directions drowned out comparisons of issues. Some questioned whether the whole campaign was real or fake. Social media exacerbated the divisions.

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      Your email address will not be published. How Did We Get Here? Stay tuned to us. All other media are enemies. Pivot off existing values and beliefs of the audience — grease a slippery slope. Disambiguate to make choice easy.

      Ten commandments of propaganda - Gpedia, Your Encyclopedia

      Paint all differences in black and white. Invoke group pressure to help shape beliefs and behaviors.

      Professor Brian A. Patrick: The Ten Commandments of Propaganda.

      Cognitively penetrate: First notice; then remember; then absorb; and finally repeat. With K.

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      The Ten Commandments of Propaganda

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