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This approach relies on the choice of several parameters which directly impact its effectiveness when applied to retrieve images. David G. Suhasini, Dr. Ajay B. Kurhe, Suhas S. Satonka, Prakash B. Preeti Singh, Charu Pujara.

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Comparative study of various Techniques Employ in Image Steganography. Various cryptography techniques are developed for secure transmission over the internet, another practical approach of hiding secret information from intruders over the web is Steganography. Steganography is a technique of hiding covert data inside an image.

Various techniques are discussed below for hiding data and each of them have some of their own limitations. This paper comprises of four sections. Section 1 gives a brief introduction about Steganography. Neil F. Steganography by Khan, Mohammed Minhajuddin. Morkel, J. PEloff ,M. Marvel, C. Boncelet, Jr. Ross J. Anderson and Fabien A. Johnson and S. Mamta Juneja, Parvinder S. Shi and B.

Jeon Eds. With the progress in satellite images, the image segmentation technique for generating and updating geographical information are become more and more important. With this it is possible to reduce computational time and calculation for every pixel in the image. Although colors are not frequently used in image segmentation; it gives high discriminative power to the regions present in image. He, Xiaoling; Hodgson, W.

Yates and B. Jain, M. Murty, and P. Tan, M. Jeraldine Viji, M Sudhakaran. The current waveform injected by the active filter is able to compensate the reactive power and the load current harmonics and to balance asymmetrical loads. The active filter designed in PSIM software and control of active filter is done in Simulink environment. The capacitor voltage is maintained constant by using PI controller. Simulation results with PSIM software show that the designed active filter is very effective in improvement of quality of power. Peng and D. Industry Applications Conf.

Ginn, III and L. Power Del.

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Pomilio and S. Gonzalez, R. Garcia-Retegui, M.

Jamaica Recipes Cookbook Vol-1

Chang, C. George, V. Kazmierkowski, L. Montero, E. Cadaval, F. Massoud, S.

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Finney, and B. Green, J. Singh, K. Al-Haddad, and A. Mayur S. Burange, S. Facial features for this specially eye and lips are extracted an approximated into curves which represents the relationship between the motion of features and change of expression. This paper focuses the concepts like face detections, skin color segmentation, face features extractions and approximation and fuzzy rules formation.

Conclusion based on fuzzy patterns never been accurate but still our intension is to put more accurate results.

Yacoob and L. Ekman and W. Aizawa and T. IEEE, Vol. Kimura and M. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, pp. Ohba, G. Clary, T. Tsukada, T. Kotoku, and K. International Conference on Pattern Recognition, pp.

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Bhuiyan and H. Hmid and Y. Of ICSP, vol. Wang, Y.


Iwai, M. Khan and M. Priyanka Satish Tekadpande, Ramnivas Giri. If the recognition of traffic signs done by the accurate and fast automated systems, it provides the extra edge in efficient navigation. Thus automatic traffic signs recognition is an important task, particularly in intelligence transportation system. Automated recognition system collects useful information about traffic signs, helps the driver to make timely decisions, and increases driving safety and comfort. This paper presents an overview of the different methods and techniques used in traffic sign detection and recognition.

It describes the physical properties and characteristics of the road signs, potential difficulties and problems that occur during detection of real-time images. The detection and recognition techniques are classified into three stages i. Color-based filtering, shape-based analysis and final recognition. Thus, we have chronologically discussed some of the referred previous work theme-wise with respect to the different approaches and techniques used in these stages.

In future, new techniques should be involved to increase the robustness, and to get faster systems for real-time applications. Benallal, M. Priese and V. Rehrmann, "On hierarchical color segmentation and applications," In Proc. CVPR, , pp Ritter, W. Ruta, Y. Li, and X.

Aoyagi and T. Asakura, "A study on traffic sign recognition in scene image using genetic algorithms and neural networks," in Proc. Estevez and N. Kehtarnavaz, "A real-time histographic approach to road sign recognition," in Proc.

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Escalera and P. Vitria et. IOS Press, , pp.